Kim Baillie

Senior Consultant

“Everything I do is designed to encourage people to realise their potential. I get
satisfaction by helping others decide on a path forward for themselves and their businesses.”

After a career in both public and private sectors, Kim Baillie transformed her
consulting work for the digital age becoming one of the first in the world to offer online coaching in public speaking more than 20 years ago.

Based on a diverse working background in Quality Management Systems,
graduate recruitment, executive management and professional development,
Kim provides a practical, outcome driven approach to making every project or
activity a learning and rewarding experience.

Along with a colleague, Kim continues to co-produce a weekly podcast for senior executives on a wide range of management issues. With a worldwide audience, the podcast has been in production since 2015, once again at the forefront of the digital learning arena.

Apart from ongoing public speaking coaching, Kim’s time is shared with the
Not-for-Profit sector as a long time member of the NSW National Parks and
Wildlife Service Hunter Region Advisory Committee and now as President of the Australian Floral Art Association Inc. In this role she also heads the team
responsible for hosting the 2027 World Flower Show (the Olympics of Floral Art) being held in Australia for the first time in its 40 year history.

“Think success – be successful” is Kim’s motto.


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