FTA was established in 2011 to help address an increasing need to improve the financial literacy and performance of Australian brands. FTA trainers are hand-picked for their expertise in finance and training, as well as their bright personalities and passion for helping others. We guarantee participants will have fun, feel at ease and come away transformed in their financial confidence.

David Stillman

Senior Consultant

David Stillman has broad experience as a Board Director, Committee Member and as a Vice President with over 20 years of service with Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Fulyana Orsborn

Senior Consultant

Fulyana Orsborn – Founder/Managing Director - Executive Mentoring and Coaching - Career Consultant and Business Development - Co Partner of Inside Exec Podcasting -https://inside-exec.com/

Kim Baillie

Senior Consultant

"Everything I do is designed to encourage people to realise their potential. I get satisfaction by helping others decide on a path forward for themselves and their businesses."

Neil Mackay

Senior Consultant

Neil Mackay is a senior executive with over 25 years experience who has worked across four different countries. His background and training is grounded firmly in finance, but also includes roles in General Management and Sales Channel Management.

Antony Elliott

Senior Consultant

As a Financial Training Australia (FTA) trainer Antony offers insights from 40 years of financial experience, having worked across many industries in various corporate finance roles.

Cherry Birch

Founding Partner

A Chartered Accountant and former Partner in a London firm, Cherry has over 25 year’s international experience in the financial services sector and in consulting.

Mark Huynh

Consultant Trainer

Mark is an experienced CPA and the former CFO of Spotlight Retail Group. He has a passion for improving the financial literacy skills of everyone - whatever their age!

Graeme Skinner

Consultant Trainer

Graeme specialised in Risk and Collections management and has lead numerous projects and process flow reviews to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

Khai Phan

Managing Director

Khai is currently the Managing Director of Financial Training Australia and General Manager of Tribel Advisory. He is also the investment advisor to the Aon Charitable Foundation which supports a range of charities and worthwhile causes.

Financial Acumen Self-Assessment

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