Our unique training methodologies

We believe that financial knowledge can, and should, be accessible to everyone. We understand, though, that sometimes the stumbling block is how that knowledge is passed between individuals with very different skill sets.

Our programs work by breaking down traditional barriers to finance and financial literacy, making sure our training is collaborative and that everything we teach is practical and applicable.

Courses are brought alive through gamification and proven cognitive thinking approaches.

An emphasis on doing.

Practical | Fun | Visual | Collaborative

As learners, we begin to understand once we actually participate in an activity related to the subject we’re exploring. We comprehend as we make connections on a cognitive level. Practising in an enjoyable, non-threatening way is core to our thinking.

  • Our hands-on approach makes it easy for non-finance people to make connections between abstract concepts and how their decisions about such concepts affect a company’s bottom line.
  • Equally, this helps finance people think differently about their work and influence.
  • Colour and form are deliberately used to make the most difficult-to-interpret concepts easier to understand.
  • Because participants feel comfortable and enjoy the training – they engage with and absorb more information. That means return on investment from the training is high.

Financial Acumen Self-Assessment

So how do you rate your financial smarts? Let's put them to the test with this 3 minute quiz!