Graeme Skinner

Consultant Trainer

“In my 35+ years in the finance industry, this (Financial Training Australia’s Finance For Non Finance Managers) is the most unique, interactive and FUN, (yes FUN) finance training program I’ve ever been involved in!”

Graeme Skinner, has added Bonanza to his arsenal, after a career of more than 30 years in the finance industry in various senior management roles.

Having completed numerous training programs including the Leadership Development Program (Monash); Achieving Business Impact (GE Crotonville) & the Omega Lending program; Graeme specialised in Risk and Collections management and has lead numerous projects and process flow reviews to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

A logical & lateral thinker, with excellent analysis & evaluation skills he is adept at expense & cost control; increasing Net Income as well as developing strategies & training staff to maximise efficiency & effectiveness.

Born into a business family, Graeme has been involved in all facets of business, enhanced by operating his own Mercantile Agency & Consultancy/Training business for 5 years. Community minded Graeme has continually been involved in community support programs previously being leader for the National Volunteers program for Pacific (GE Capital) & ongoing involvement in numerous community events outside of his employment.


Financial Acumen Self-Assessment

So how do you rate your financial smarts? Let's put them to the test with this 3 minute quiz!