Fulyana Orsborn

Senior Consultant

Founder/Managing Director – Executive Mentoring and Coaching – Career Consultant and Business Development – Co Partner of Inside Exec Podcasting -https://inside-exec.com/



For the last 14 years I have focused on providing Mentoring and coaching to a number of corporate individuals in various industries. I am also an Accountability Partner for some CEOs of privately owned companies. And, Co Partner of Inside Exec Podcasting


Prior to establishing my own company, I was the Director of Human Resources for the Citibank Consumer Bank in Australia. I spent over 12 years in Citibank in senior roles that included, Head of Operations, Head of Sales and Distribution and Head of Quality and Customer service.

Prior to the Director HR role, I was the Head of Operations and Quality for Australian Wealth Management, which had an annual turnover of $92.2 million.

I have worked in many senior roles in a number of industries including Construction, Fleet Management, Distribution, and Finance. My wide experience in both the Public and Private sector includes Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Sales, Operations, Total Quality and Marketing. I was able to turn around very challenging businesses and achieved major efficiencies due to my, consistency, focus and passion for customers and people.


What am I like

I love travelling, and walking.  I am fortunate that throughout my career I have done roles that I enjoyed. I love what I am doing right now and I always make sure that I get enjoyment out of everything I do. I like working with people who are challenging as well as like minds. I appreciate other people, the more diverse the people I mix and work with the better. I love new ideas and new ways of thinking whether I agree with them or not.  I love continuous learning, I ask questions to get to know people and give my opinion without judgment.  I understand that not everyone is on the same path as me but that does not mean they are on the wrong path or lost.

I love sharing my experience with others; I am someone you can think aloud with in confidence and without judgment. We all at times need guidance, motivation, emotional support, and I am passionate about helping others explore their careers, setting goals, developing contacts.


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