We have the pleasure of working with some of the biggest and most progressive brands on the planet, as well as smaller ones hungry for growth and commercial success.

Mike Simpson

Chief Executive Officer, Cansco

Cansco is based out of Dubai and provides well control solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Our work with Financial Training Australia was aimed at increasing the financial capability of our management team to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing and developing service company in the upstream sector of Oil and Gas Industry.

We were thrilled by Financial Training Australia’s ability to prepare a program that integrated detailed Company and related Industry perspective and which was delivered in a style that brought us a result significantly beyond our expectations.

Following our most recent program, we saw an immediate benefit in that the training worked wonders tin pulling down the barriers between Finance & Accounts and the other department heads – they were able to speak a common language.

We believe we need to digitalise all company knowledge and information to stay ahead of the rest, the most challenging part of this to integrate Finance & Accounting in the digitalization process, the training is a great integration tool.

Financial Training Australia’s interactive approach and use of the Bonanza simulation never fails to engage. It’s fun, while at the same time provides participants with the opportunity to engage in active financial decision making. This training has become a central component of my organisation’s management development program.

Kim Dixon

People & Organisation Development Director, WWF Australia

Our participants have incorporated real learning into workplace decision making. I was so impressed by FTA’s “FUNdamentals of Finance” training that it has become a core component of my organisation’s Core Curriculum for Managers and is typically run twice annually.

I’ve attended and organised many variations on the Finance for Non-Financial Executives theme over the years, many of which find it difficult to engage and sustain the attention of the non- financially minded. FTA’s workshop is a breath of fresh air. Their interactive approach and use of the Bonanza simulation never fails to engage. It is fun while at the same time provides participants with the opportunity to engage in active financial decision making and witness the results of those decisions.

In my experience the non-threatening team based approach results in real learning that our participants have incorporated into workplace decision making. FTA’s facilitation style is perfectly modulated with a mix of facts, fun, and serious effort and we will be continuing to work with them to maintain the competency base of our management teams.

Carolyn Mitchell

Partner and Lead Consultant, Empowered HR

I had the pleasure of working with FTA while developing a leadership program at MCRI. We engaged FTA to design, develop and facilitate the managing financials component and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. FTA is professional, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Participant feedback was excellent. They are highly competent, innovative and great problem solvers. For financial training I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Pete Malone

Senior Account Executive, SAP Sydney

FTA’s course was exceptionally fun and extremely valuable for my team and I to understand financial drivers in our clients’ businesses. In two days with FTA I learned as much as a few weeks of university study. The gamification of complex ideas and business processes meant a quick uptake on new skills and better understanding of how to relate to clients.

Michelle Lee

People & Culture Director, CBM Australia

Relevant, well-structured and fun. With a workshop group that included board members, executive and front line managers, FTA’s ability to equalise and engage this group with a topic that for many is a struggle to fully comprehend, is to their credit. Their warm facilitation style backed with appropriate humour, language and an interactive learning approach allowed everyone to feel that they could actively contribute and participate. The workshop content is relevant, well-structured and the use of ‘Bonanza’ provided participants with a fun way to test their knowledge in a hands-on, practical way. I highly recommend FTA and this program and will certainly use it again in the future.

Vicky Soh

Org Learning & Talent Management, StarHub Singapore

FTA helps appreciate how decisions impact bottom line and shareholder value. Whilst working as a Learning and Development Manager at a large telco in Singapore, I had put a group of middle to senior managers who were involved in day to day finance decisions through this course.

The one consistent feedback was that this course helped them appreciate how their decisions impacted the bottom line and shareholder value. This was exactly the result we had hoped for and the fact that it was done through a highly visual and fun approach made what is traditionally a dry and difficult subject come alive.

Eva Buchler

HR and Business Lead,Emerge Women & Children’s Support Network

Our leadership team really enjoyed the training session. The discussions were interesting and got us thinking about the importance of financial sustainability and how this can be achieved by implementing proper budgeting and reviews. As a non-profit organisation, this type of financial education will help us make smarter financial decisions and ensure that we can continue delivering our valuable services.

Sam Keenan

Business Development Associate, WEHI

Khai presented the Valuations session extremely well, with a relevant focus on the biotech/pharma sector for our WEHI audience. I really appreciated Khai’s explanations of difficult financial concepts, especially specific questions we had. Another reason of why I enjoyed this session was that Khai made it engaging!

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