By: Cherry Birch On: January 7, 2020

 Is this you when it comes to financial jargon? I think every profession has its own jargon, but I think we do particularly well in keeping non accountants in the dark! Some of my fellow accountants are also extremely good at keeping the complex – complex! At FTA it...

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By: Cherry Birch On: January 2, 2020

How do you rate your financial smarts? Would you like to feel more confident in this area? Over many years of working with managers, they often confide in me that they have been in meetings, terrified someone is going to ask them questions about their financial reports. Others have...

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By: Cherry Birch On: December 26, 2019

Over the last year, I have reached out to connect on LinkedIn and asked if the services which we provide are of interest. Naturally I have received a variety of responses but 2 have intrigued me and prompted me to write this blog. The first response that I have...

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By: Cherry Birch On: December 17, 2019

Around the world there are different forms of greetings and according to one article ‘How’s it going?’ is the most typical Australian way of saying hello.  This is closely followed by ‘How you going?’ ‘How are you going?’ ‘How you doing?’ ‘How are you doing?’ ‘How’s it hanging?’ (not sure...

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By: Cherry Birch On: December 10, 2019

All managers want to value add to their organisation – after all it makes you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. You have spotted an opportunity for the business or maybe it is as simple as a piece of equipment keeps breaking down and needs...

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By: Cherry Birch On: December 5, 2019

I came across an HBR article from 2002 entitled ‘What Makes Great Boards Great?’ and it opens with the following –“ In the wake of the meltdowns of such once great companies as Adelphia, Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom, enormous attention has been focused on the companies’ boards. Were the...

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By: Cherry Birch On: December 3, 2019

I have been reading a great booklet published last year by my institute on Communication Skills and I loved one of the quotes it contained. “The spreadsheet gives us dots, but we always need to join them into a picture and apply some paint”. Mike Sergeant, a former BBC...

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By: Cherry Birch On: November 26, 2019

2019 has been challenging for many businesses. Business confidence in Australia is low and whilst interest rates are at record lows, global uncertainty and depressed consumer spending have resulted in a stagnant economy. Now whilst every industry is fairing differently, if your business is challenged, then you may find...

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By: Cherry Birch On: November 12, 2019

So this final blog on the subject of budgeting is designed to get you to think about how you can improve your commentaries on your monthly results. In previous blogs, I have discussed setting up the budget, communicating it and now you need to report on your performance against...

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By: Cherry Birch On: November 5, 2019

Who does not want to improve their profitability? Even Not for Profit organisations need to get value for money and ensure their funds go as far as possible. Most commercial enterprises will concentrate on revenue generation and that is obviously justified. However, I am not here to share the...

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