By: Cherry Birch On: April 15, 2020

Last month I wrote my first blog with this title. I commented that I thought ‘unprecedented’ would be the most used word in 2020, and today one of my connections on LinkedIn thought that ‘pivot’ was another one – which she was already sick of hearing. So, hopefully without annoying her too much, can I report how we are pivoting at FTA!

We are in the process of converting a number of face to face sessions to digital delivery – examples include:

  • Together with my Bonanza colleagues, next month we are delivering our Financial Acumen training digitally for SAP. With our team across the world, we can cover the various time zones and offer interactive sessions, rather than just podcasts.
  • I am also working with another overseas client to design and deliver Budgeting training on line.
  • In partnership with Margot Foster of The Boardroom School, we are in the process of moving our highly successful Boardroom Excellence workshops to digital delivery.

A month on and I wanted to reach out once more to see how I and my colleagues at Financial Training Australia (FTA) can help.

I will not repeat all the offers of free assistance that were contained in that first post, but build on them and see if there is anything in which you would be interested. More than anything we wish to stay engaged and productive and whilst we do have some projects underway, the time freed up by postponed face to face workshops (and overseas holidays!), means we have available time.

Under the banner of FTA, we deliver both financial acumen skills to operational and sales teams, whilst working with finance teams on their business partnering skills. I have been an executive coach for over 15 years and run leadership and management training for over 25 years! So, my offerings are fairly broad:

Staying Productive and Motivated

Last month I offered to run interactive webinars – for free – on Tips for Working Remotely.  So far no one has taken me up on this offer, but we have the materials and would be delighted to run this webinar.

However, one client did ask me to run a webinar on the topic – Keeping staff engaged, motivated, safe and productive during COVID-19. So, if this is a topic which you think would be helpful, please do get in touch.

Coaching Support

I was honoured to take part in CoachAid20, an initiative started in Melbourne whereby 350 executive coaches from around the world offered an hour of free coaching over the 2 weeks up to Easter to anyone registering with them. 112 people were supported in this way through 139 sessions and I was one of the 62 coaches providing this support. My coachee wanted to discuss her career strategy and I am hopeful that I helped her.

I would still be happy to offer an hour of free coaching to anyone interested – obviously on a confidential basis.

Financial Training and Governance

In this area, we have a number of free resources which I referenced in the first blog.

As we all adjust to this new world, we would be delighted to partner with you. Please let us know how we can help.