By: Cherry Birch On: October 1, 2019

Becoming a director is an important and impressive milestone in someone’s corporate and commercial life. There can be many benefits of being a director – increased responsibility, decision making powers and an opportunity to help shape the future direction of the organisation. It may also present an opportunity to give back and contribute to a charity or NFP, whilst if it is a paid position, it could mean an increase in remuneration. However, whilst there are these benefits, there can also be pitfalls which can lead even the most successful person astray.

Understanding those ever important ‘Director’s Duties’, spotting and raising financial concerns, feeling confident about tackling conflicts of interest or even personality clashes are all part of good governance.

To say this is a hot topic is an understatement – just look at what happened with the WeWork IPO by clicking here.

As this article reports, media reports around the failure of the IPO often centered on corporate governance issues, namely:

  1. Poor executive judgment (no women on board)
  2. Insider dealings: (CEO Neumann was privately buying property that he then leased to WeWork)
  3. Family ties (wife Rebekah is co-founder and chief brand and impact officer, now reportedly leaving)
  4. Multiclass stock structure that gave Neumann far more power than other stockholders

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