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  • BonanzaGraf



    A Quick, Concise, Financial Analytical Tool

    BonanzaGraf is a quick and easy way to transform balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow data into clear and easily-read visual displays, or what we like to call "a visual language." Comparisons between similar companies, multiple suppliers, various clients, and even one's own business can be generated quickly. The visual results can be instantly used for various financial analysis or conversations, maybe even a last-second meeting. BonanzaGraf provides clear and concise analytical data that can be understood by those who do not even specialize in finance. BonanzaGraf allows you to analyze data at lightning-fast speeds, with the ability to manipulate the date to find out a company's Quick Ratio, Equity Ratio, Return on Operating Capital and many more key ratios. All with a click of the mouse!

    Educational value for Employees and Clients

    BonanzaGraf provides an overview of a company's financials in a manner that is easily understood. Visually displaying and communicating the financial statements data, which creates a relevant educational presentation that can be used to assist in improving employees' and clients' knowledge of business finance. The ability for them to connect effectively opens the door for better communication, which correlates to more time being spent on producing profitable results!

    Sales Development

    BonanzaGraf is an excellent tool that every sales department can benefit from. Qualifying potential clients from a financial perspective can provide insights that may predict their buying motives. Using BonanzaGraf can help with prospecting and sales at an early stage, so more time can be spent on the "right" prospective customers.

    Advantages of BonanzaGraf

    With BonanzaGraf you can simulate multiple events that can affect your business, allowing you to forecast for the " what ifs" before they happen. Using the visual language that is BonanzaGraf can show how different events impact your business, which is simply invaluable! Track trends, analyze why and how those trends happened and what impact they have, all with a click of the mouse. Track multiple companies at once and compare their financial trends quickly. BonanzaGraf is an interactive financial analysis tool that allows numbers to come to life. Analyze data you already know, but quickly manipulate it with what you think might happen or what you hope happens, and even what you don't want to happen, to help you prepare for the future. Make financial data work for you so you can not only be prepared, but you can truly make educated decisions.


    • Simulate different events graphically to help educate employees
    • Make lightning-fast analysis of multiple companies
    • Graphically display key ratios to communicate financial data effectively
    • Create your own charts to help with forecasting
    • Compare weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly numbers
    • Be able to show trends and explain using key ratios why/how they happen.
    • Compare multiple companies on the same screen, side-by-side
    • Helps establish benchmark numbers and explain how to reach them
    • Create impactful presentation material
    • Be able to have financial conversations with more employees and clients