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The Key to Your Staff Understanding Finance…

FUNdamentals of Finance Hands-on, Experiential Approach for Maximum Impact, Higher Retention and Deeper Understanding

“I never teach my students. I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
-Albert Einstein

Taking a leaf out of Albert Einstein’s book, FUNdamentals of Finance doesn’t talk “at” sometimes reluctant and disengaged staff.

Let’s face it, the words “finance training” often invoke in staff that single, if predictable response… “BORING!”

It’s not really their fault. Most of us have attended many a corporate training that left us feeling a little “flat”.

We humans are social, interactive beings and learn best when we are being stimulated and challenged, and when we’re having fun.

This is why FUNdamentals of Finance is so successful. Our unique hands-on approach:

  • Instills energy into the learning process
  • Stimulates the brain for deeper learning
  • Captures, holds and stimulates learners’ imaginations
  • Engages by catering for different learning styles
  • Uses high quality materials and visually appealing colour and form to quickly make connections between the real world and difficult to interpret financial concepts
  • Makes it “safe” for participants by using group dynamics to maximum effect
  • Ensures fun is an integral part of every learning activity

Our experience and research has proved in a classroom or lecture environment your mind goes on short holidays every 20 minutes or so.

And when you learn exclusively online, you multi-task and lose concentration.

FUNdamentals of Finance with its unique learning formula keeps you engaged all the time and leaves you wanting more.

So What Exactly are Your Staff in For?

“Aspects of Financial Reporting that Have Previously Caused Frustration and Grief Suddenly Become Very Clear”

No prior finance training is required and herein lays the power of FUNdamentals of Finance because it is suited to “finance novices” as well as experienced professionals who benefit from a refresher.

Your Starting Point…

Meet Nick Nelson…

… Nick has a few personal financial issues he needs your help working through.

Like you, he’s busy but he’s made some pretty dumb financial decisions and it’s up to you to help him out of his mess!!

FUNdamentals of Finance starts with personal finance, a topic we can all relate to.

You will work through various scenarios specific to personal finance and, based on your own experience, find solutions.

The reality is, personal finance is not that different to business finance and once you have gained confidence with personal finance you’ll have the confidence to move onto business finance.

Definitely NOT a Typical Boring Lecture!!

Next comes the combination of fun and highly participative learning.

You begin by applying the same simple processes you did to solve Nick Nelson’s problems to a company’s financial statements.

You examine the key areas of working capital management and cover practical steps to improve cash flow through better control of stock levels and ways for collecting money from customers.

Teams of Three…
It’s Time to Get Serious!

In teams of three, you work through the fundamentals of running a business, working with balance sheets to help you become successful.

A computerised board game gives real-life scenarios and teams compare the results of their business decisions with others

Numerous scenarios are thrown at you and you are able to discuss responses and the varying consequences each response holds.

The game generates great excitement but, more importantly, reinforces the key learning points in a very practical, relevant and realistic way.

The relaxed, non-threatening and fun team environment means more information is absorbed because no one is worried about being “shown up” or exposed for lack of financial knowledge.

“A REAL way for you to differentiate from your competitors… by equipping your staff with better tools to understand and the knowledge for communicating financial information”

Key Areas Covered

Just as every organisation is different, so too training can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

From Senior Management to Shop Floor wherever YOU see the need, we can create a program that delivers the key messages relevant to the target group.

You can send people at different levels of skill and experience to THE SAME PROGRAM which is far more cost effective than having to organise and run separate courses for each level of staff.

The mix of levels and group working dynamics facilitates better company teamwork.

Your staff will receive a clear understanding of general financial “knowledge” including (but not limited to):

• Understanding financial reports:Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements
• Key financial ratios: Profitability, Asset Turnover, Return on Capital, Liquidity Ratios
• Business finance: The Business Cycle, Planning, Sources of Finance, Expense Control
• Budgeting and Costing: Budget monitoring and control, Variance Analysis, Cost planning and control

Finally… a Decent Return on Your Training
Dollar Investment…

Because FUNdamentals of Finance can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, your staff will leave the training and walk back into work with an in-depth understanding of the financial “rules of the game” under which your company operates.

You can expect to see from your staff at least FIVE areas of improvement:

Staff Improvement #1: Improved and/or clarified fundamental understanding of finance and the ability to effectively communicate and understand financial information

Staff Improvement #2: A clear understanding of what is reported on financial statements, what is there and why it is important

Staff Improvement #3: Better everyday decisions that ultimately affect the cash flow, profitability and management of the division or even company as a whole

Staff Improvement #4: A greater willingness to lead and participate in financial conversations

Staff Improvement #5: A stronger ability to meet objectives through a better understanding of the positive and negative consequences of decisions and how they affect the budget

Course FAQ

What level of staff is this training suitable for?
FUNdamentals of Finance is suitable for all levels of staff from Senior Management to Shop Floor. We have found from experience that someone’s seniority does not necessarily equate with their financial knowledge and understanding. It can also work well if courses have a different mix of staff in terms of their seniority all together on the same program.

How long is FUNdamentals of Finance?
It can be run over one day however this needs to be at least 9.00- 5.30. Depending on your desired learning outcomes, the program can be run over 2 days – with further opportunity for analysis. It is important not to rush any form of finance training, since there is a danger of “leaving people behind”.

FUNdamentals of Finance can also be integrated into a longer program covering some topics in more depth as well as a range of other finance related topics such as capital expenditure, variance analysis, business planning.

Are there any special training room requirements?
FUNdamentals of Finance requires one PC or laptop per group of 3. The training room also needs to be on the larger size since the seating plan should ideally be classroom but with a table for each group which is large enough for 4 people.

Are other products available?
Yes, we can design a training program for you from scratch to meet your specific objectives. We also have other tried and tested approaches as well as eLearning. We have experience in conducting training needs analyses if required and have strong instructional design capabilities.

Can you tailor the program for our organisation?
Yes! Whilst much of the program uses generic materials which are relevant to all, we will tailor the business finance parts of the program to pick up on your own financial terminology, methodologies and key financial statements.

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